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Give today to support Latinx student graduation!

Join El Colegio in our work towards closing the achievement gap and growing the new generation of Latinx leaders!

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The School

El Colegio High School is a free, public charter school located in south Minneapolis. Our mission is to build upon the talents of bilingual, bicultural students and their families to provide the academic rigor, leadership skills, college/career preparation, and community connections necessary to become lifelong leaders and change agents.

El Colegio provides student complete high school successfully including counseling support, hands on college advising, and intensive support.

Enrollment has steadily increased since last fall, and the school now has its highest enrollment than ever before!

El Colegio has mastered the art of graduating diverse individuals who might not have otherwise crossed the victory line. Since 2017, 100% of our graduates have been accepted into at least 1 or more institutions of higher learning!

The Community

El Colegio is not only a high school, we are a community anchor. During the day, we have a more traditional high school program. Outside of school hours, we convene and host a large range of community organizations and groups that support leadership development, youth development, civic engagement, promote the arts, support advocacy efforts and link community members with needed services.

We provide an important sanctuary for key cultural events celebrating Latinx culture in Minneapolis. El Colegio is a known and trusted place for community members and organizations to come together.

None of these successes would have been possible without the leadership of our executive director Norma C. Garcés, who was awarded the 2019 Bush Foundation Fellowship to support her work in the Minnesota community at-large.

The Need

Did you know there will be a 70% increase in the Minnesota Latinx population by 2035?

However, did you also know that Minnesota is the worst state in the nation for ensuring Latinx students graduate high school?

The Pew Research Center calculates that the working-age population in the US will decline by 18 million people by 2035. However, children born to first-generation immigrants can help fill that gap! With current immigration trends, working-age adults born to immigrant parents will number almost 14 million by 2035, helping our economy solve a major workforce problem.

El Colegio provides individual counseling, college counseling, and above-and-beyond supports that lead to our students graduating with bright post-secondary futures. However, providing these important and essential supports require a robust budget that extends beyond State funding based on per pupil enrollment.

Unlike traditional public school districts, charter schools cannot authorize their own levies, such as building levies, special levies, or operating levies. These policies put charter schools at a disadvantage.

Consequently, charter schools generally have a smaller per-student budget. The Minnesota Association of Charter Schools estimates that most charter schools get anywhere from up to 25 percent less per pupil than traditional public schools in the metro area.

And so we ask you for your support. Help El Colegio continue our incredible mission of making leadership and economic success possible for students who are underprivileged and of diverse backgrounds. Finding qualified teachers, encouraging acceptance of one’s identity, and offering extra counseling services are very expensive endeavors. Yet, all these factors form the foundation from which students learn to thrive academically, lead strategically, and care compassionately.

Help El Colegio keep its 100% post-secondary education acceptance rate record up, change the future of Latinx Leaders in Minnesota, and be a part of El Colegio students having another A+ Year!